Your Fave is Problematic

James K. Polk’s policies were problematic. Ya know it’s true.



In accordance with the one term promise I made a la James K. Polk, the regular posting of this blog is now at an end. I may randomly post in the future, but will not be posting much. As follows, I urge you to continue your support of Polkism. ¬†I’ll see you in the West!

P.S.:¬†Polkinator 100’s are now 50% off the list price of 9 payments of $99.99.

Western Rap

Feel free to use these verses as you choose;

I’m a man of the West,

I got nothin’ to lose.

Democrat, Autocrat,

to which Old Hickory tipped his hat,

Like a young tree I’ll grow

Got a problem with that?

But if ye be a Whig,

I’ll not go out priggin’,

a Whig is a jerk

whose policy’s chicken.

With all the boldness of poultry,

Henry Clay comes after me,

but he still can’t touch me,

He’s Almost President times three.

Like a Dark Horse I’ll ride

in the depths of the night,

Surprisin’ you with policy

Manifest Destiny’s might.

I’m Caesar, Alexander,

Napoleon of the Stump!

Fight expansion all you want,

but it’ll never be enough.